All-Season Active Rotation ETF (QVOY)

  • QVOY

The Q3 All-Season Active Rotation ETF offers investors an actively managed investment strategy. It invests primarily in exchange-traded funds (“Underlying ETFs”). The ETF will generally hold 12-14 positions and considers equities, alternative assets, and bonds. The Fund is reviewed weekly and is designed to actively adjust to the strongest performers in each category. Under normal circumstances, the Fund will be fully invested, however it can increase cash during uncertain markets.

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All-Season Systematic Opportunities Fund

  • Institutional Class – QASOX

The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by applying the Adviser’s quantitative investment process focused on mean-reversion based setups. Signals are generated on a daily basis and tend to be short-term in nature. The fund utilizes three distinct algorithms, each complimentary to the next. No individual signal will make up more than 50% of the total allocation – meaning that in order to be fully invested, at least two of the three signals must trigger.

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All-Season Tactical Fund

  • Institutional Class – QAITX

  • C Share Class – QACTX

The Fund attempts to take advantage of both bull and bear markets by tactically allocating between strategic equity and fixed income positions. Looking to capitalize on the non-correlation between equities and bonds, the Fund attempts to assess which asset class will provide the best opportunity in light of prevailing market conditions. When the equity markets become indecisive, the All-Season Tactical Fund may rotate into bonds in an effort to take advantage of either rising or falling interest rates.

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